Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Ephram (who walks in with his bible open to 1 Thessalonians) "Mommy, Is this 1st Vestalonians?" Me- "yes buddy, it's 1st Thessalonians" Ephram- "Well is doesn't look like Vestalonians. It has TH and that doesn't say the V sound. Me- "You're right, it's actually a th sound (and I proceed to help him say it correctly) Ephram- "all these years I thought it was Vestalonians...like my whole life" Me- "I know buddy, it was just too cute for me to correct."

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eat your Words

In a moment of frustration I said, "Do whatever you want" to certain students who were blatantly disobedient and messing around.

Fast forward 30 minutes later as I call to Ephram to see what he's doing.
He came to me with the IPAD (and was watching a video).

Me- Ephram?? Why are you on the IPAD? I didn't say you could use technology right now!

E- You told me I could! Remember, you said we could do whatever we wanted to do!

Ahhh....now to explain sarcasm to the five year old. Everyone else got right back on track...he took advantage of mommy's words.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


"Mommy, I need help. I'm trying to nosey Frank in peace and quiet but Braden and Kinsey keep talking loud and fighting." -Ephram at bedtime. Classic.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last Full Day at the Beach

 We were given gorgeous weather again for our last day at the beach

 Everyday we set up around 8 and enjoyed the beach as long as possible

 the kiddos dug a great pool

 Ephram and I were hanging out on the sand and I started writing sight words with a seashell Cailey brought me to hold. Next thing I knew we were doing tally marks for all the words he could read correctly. SO fun that we can do school at the beach with no prep and no supplies except the ones provided by God.

 Daddy built another cool castle!

after seven hours on the sand, the kiddos swam in the pool until a storm came

 when everyone was showered Ephram ended up falling asleep in Brian's lap outside on the balcony so they both decided to 'rest'...for a couple hours:)

 having fun with Legos and games while daddy is bringing home more free CFA for dinner:)

 after dinner we headed to Barefoot Landing just to walk around

 a nasty storm was a brewin' and the sky looked awesome! almost like we had a backdrop behind us. we ran though the rain together and laughed a lot:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beach Day 6

 Another fun day on the beach together!

 today they built an army bunker...complete with a comfy seat

 cailey was super interested in how shells are formed/grow, etc. and found some amazing ones

 meanwhile braden kept finding all kinds of sponges and seaweed. We couldn't believe he found a BRIGHT orange one...it was gorgeous!  The red one was very thin and felt like old school 'film'.
 Brian teaching Braden how to play solitaire

 go fish

 brian and his mad kite flying skills...lol...

 Cailey wanted to go walk out on the beach since it was her birthday:)

and then she wanted to stay out at the pool until it was late (or after the lights came on)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Beach Day 5

 Today was a super fun day at the beach! We all walked down the beach to the pier (a little over a mile each way), played in a sand pool, had lots of ocean fun, and swam in the pool. We also had family game night after our white pictures. Game favs were bananagrams, egyptian war, and yahtzee.

 since the ocean has been so calm they've been able to go WAY out...there were several sand bars along the way

 playing with my babies

 we made it to the pier!

 I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it was cute:)

 proof that mommy plays in the pool and ocean:).

Brian got TWO yahtzees!